Renewable Energy Sources

The use and development of renewable energy sources, friendly towards the
environment, is a strategic goal for Climaline.

Using our expertise and our long-term experience, we provide a wide range of
specialized services including:

  1. License issuing and management.
  2. Study and design of turn-key P/V solar systems.
  3. Construction and hardware installation.
  4. Project management.

Our company undertakes the construction of small scale (2-100 kw), middle scale (100kw – 1Mw) and large scale (>1 Mw) P/V grid connected projects, as well as fixed and mobile autonomous systems (AOSS) for industry, telecommunications, agriculture, residential and και military application, depending on our customers needs.

1) Project study – Plan – Design

  1. Analytic imprinting of the morphology and the general nature of the examined space (flat or tile roof in building / valley planes or mountainous plots, area characterized as Natura or as land of high agricultural use etc) and recording every crucial parameter (locality, orientation, shadows, slopes, surface, distance from electrical grid, etc) which will be considered while designing the plan.
  2. Energy study based on the environmental conditions (Simulations via PVGIS, meteorological year, measurement receptions of solar radiation) in the suburban region.
  3. Best optimal designing of the base support arrangement and the regrouping of the PV generators, the power inverters, the electric wiring [PV array – inverters], the plants’ interconnection power line with the electric grid, electric handling boards, the means of thunderstruck protection, the alarm safety and monitoring systems, as well as the telemetry and intercommunication system of the entire facility.
  4. Hierarchy Timetable noting the implementation of electromechanical constructions and financial analysis of the cost and attribution of the investment.
  5. Gathering and rendering all the necessary paperwork in Public Services (Ministry of Growth & Development, Economics, District and Urban Offices etc) and Public Organizations (National Electric Company S.A., Regulatory Authority of Energy S.A., Hellenic Transmission System Operator S.A. etc.).
  6. All necessary document transactions.

2) Construction development – Electromechanical Installations

  1. Selection of high technological reliability components to structure the facility part by part.
  2. Supply of the necessary expert technical teams, in every stage during the construction development.
  3. Completion of the facility in accordance to the Hierarchy Timetable (1 IV).

3) System Guarantees – Supervision – Maintenance – Insurance

  1. Hardware manufacturer guarantees and plans’ overall performance.
  2. Regular preventive supervision and measurement reception aiming to the extension of the facility’s lifetime and the minimization of the replacement cost of ruined or malfunctioned parts, as well as direct replacement in case of dysfunction or complete damage.
  3. Preventive insurance against every internal or external factor that would cause a future hazard or malfunction in the plant and in its’ naive function.

4) Our employees

The company’s staff warranties the good realization for any project. Our employees have good experience in the design and construction of these kind of projects.

Reference Projects:

  1. 1.946,88 kWp,Location: Volos, Greece
  2. 4.994,88 kWp, Location: Drama, Greece
  3. 996,82 kWp, Location: Thermo, Greece
  4. 1.943,04 kWp, Location: Volos, Greece
  5. 4 Building Integrated grid connected photovoltaic systems of 9.66kWp each,
  6. 1 Industrial Building Integrated grid connected photovoltaic systems of 29.9kWp,
  7. 1 Photovoltaic Station of 305kWp in Laconia, Greece, as installation contractor.