The Company

ClimaLine Ltd.

The company Climaline Ltd in the current upgraded form, was founded in 2005 and follows the specialized field of electrical engineering of Georgios Georgiadis Mechanical & Electrical individual company. It is a strong manufacturing company with an expanded scope.

Climaline company expanded its activities by creating a strong manufacturing company with an expanded range of activities.

The company Climaline Ltd fields in Electrical Engineering Constructions and Studies (air-conditioning systems – Ventilation – Heating – Plumbing – Gas – Electrical – Structured wiring – construction of substations Middle and High Voltage, the building of gas and liquid fuels industries, food industries etc.), also with common Construction projects with emphasis on vertical structure, so the final product reaches consumption without the intervention of intermediaries.

Our aim is to meet the needs and desires of the customers by offering high quality products and services, but also great prices.