Our company is expanding in other sectors by developing partnerships with special agencies.

Through partnerships, the company acquired the necessary expertise to participate in the execution of projects which require specialized staff and equipment.

Next, we introducing a list of projects executed by the company:

Constructions, special facility buildings
  1. Network of open canals plain Mornos Fokida. Body Project, Ministry of Rural Development and Food, 2005.
  2. Networking infrastructure (sewer and stormwater, water supply) and construction of water reservoirs and pumping stations in the city Al Aziziah in Libya. Project Organization Government of Libya, 2010.
  3. Pipeline FA 24 ins high pressure Chalkero Kavala to Industrial Komotini. Project of DEPA, 1998.
  4. Oil pipeline 14 ins, Thessaloniki – Skopje. Project of Greek Petroleum, 2000.
  5. Electricity transmission lines 400 Kv, Lavrion – Argiroupoli. PPC Project Organization, 2002.
  6. Electricity transmission lines 150 Kv, in Halkidiki. PPC Project Organization, 2002.
  7. Fiber optic network in Saudi Arabia (Read, Jeddah, Damam, Dhahran) total length of 244.000 Km. Project Organization ITC (phone company in Saudi Arabia), 2007.
  8. Rebuilding roads Sepha – Brak in Libya, length 64 Km. Project Organization Government of Libya, 2009.
Sports Facilities
  1. Private Sports Soccer Centre in Glyfada, 2009.
  2. Notorious Private Gym in Athens, 2001.
  3. Private Fitness Neptunium in Nea Makri, 2003.
  4. Municipal Gymnasium on the road 6 MACEDONIA, ATHENS. 2001, Project of Municipality of Athens.
Metal constructions
  1. Construction and perimeter teams in 120 SMO and other business establishments in other A/D Air Force. Project of Greek Air Force, 2004.
  2. Private special metal constructions in Rhodes, 1999.
  3. 17 Construction of metal buildings total weight 2,000 tn the power plant 400 Mw Skopje. Project of Electric Company FYROMacedonia, 2008.
  4. Construction of Administration aviation training (IDA) in A/D Dhekelia.
Energy – Industrial
  1. Cleaning conveyors – lignite plant systems lab – space field maintenance and execution of ancillary work in the above areas of SES Aghios Dimitrios. 2003, Work of PPC.
  2. Positioning sensory and paint tanks in liquefied FA Revithoussa. 1999, Work of DEPA.
  3. Construction of reservoirs, pumping stations and pipeline fuel in A / D, Thera, 2011, Work of Greek Air Force.
  4. Private Underground Car Park in Athens, Patissia, 1999.
  5. Private Underground Car Park in Athens, Kifissia, 2003.
  6. Electronics industry MICRELEC AEsto Loutraki, 1998.
  7. Flour mills PAPAFILIS SA in St. Theodori, 1999.
  8. Bakery Industry SA Pietris Corinth, 1999.
  9. Industry THALIS SHENSORS A.E. Koropi, 2000.
Renewable energy – environmental

The exploitation and development of renewable energy, environmentally friendly, is a strategic objective of CLIMALINE.

Applying this new sector, extensive experience and expertise that already exists, the company offers integrated photovoltaic solutions providing a wide range of specialized services including:

  1. Management and obtaining permits.
  2. Study design and photovoltaic installations on land and buildings with «turnkey».
  3. Construction and installation of materials and systems.
  4. Project management.

The company undertakes the construction of small-scale systems (2-100 kw), mid-scale (100kw – 1Mw) and large (> 1 Mw) with direct connection to the mains distribution and power, and stable autonomous systems and mobile systems (AOSS) for industrial, agricultural, domestic and defense applications.